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A Fresh-Faced Eva Longoria Just Had To Share This Video from Her Tropical Honeymoon

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Eva Longoria is having the time of her life on her honeymoon with new her new husband, Jose Antonio Bastón. She’s so happy, in fact, that she broke the promise she made to herself not to use Snapchat while she was there, because some things are just so beautiful they have to be shared.

Early this morning the actress shared a video on Instagram of a gorgeous waterfall the couple came across exploring their exotic honeymoon locale.

“Okay, I wasn’t going to do much snaps on my honeymoon, but I had to show you guys that!” an excited Longoria, 41, told the camera as she panned towards a stunning waterfall.

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A video posted by Eva Longoria Baston (@evalongoria) on May 26, 2016 at 1:01am PDT

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The Desperate Housewives star looks fresh-faced and glowing in the short clip, and her damp hair makes us think she just took a dip in the nearby water. Just in case we weren’t jealous enough already!

Longoria, who apparently allowed herself a few concessions on her “no-snap” rule shared a Snapchat story documenting the couple’s assorted adventures—from hiking and cruising through the jungle in a golf cart to sipping coffee with a view—she’s definitely having a blast.


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